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Meet new people, chat about your favorite topics, and have the most fun!

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What can you do with Chatty McChatface?

Meet new people from all over the world and chat with them about your favorite topics.
It's safe and a whole lot of fun. You're gonna love it!

Meet new people

Chat anonymously with new people from all over the world. Have great conversations, or skip to the next person if the conversation sucks.

Chat about your favorite topics

Pick your favorite topic and chat to someone about it. New topics added regularly. Music, breakups, TV shows, sports, everything!

Rate the people you chat with

Was the last person you chatted with 💩 or 🚀? Rate people, and have people rate you. Collect your 🚀 and get cool stuff the more you get.

Get awesome achievements

Get achievements the more you chat, the better you chat, and sometimes just for fun. Collect them, show your friends, share them on social networks.

Be safe

The people you chat with don’t know anything about you, not even your name. When you’re done chatting, hit “next” and they’re gone forever.

Have fun!

Meet new people from all around the world. Chat about anything. Learn about new places, new music, current events, and different world views.